Dragon Age: Redemption – Tallis

tallis14 tallis13 tallis12 tallis11 tallis10 tallis9 tallis8 tallis7 tallis6 tallis5 tallis4 tallis3 tallis2 tallis1 penny IMG_4208 IMG_4208.8 IMG_4195 IMG_4183 IMG_4178.88 IMG_4166 IMG_4166.7 IMG_4139 IMG_4155 IMG_4139.9 IMG_4117 IMG_4115 IMG_4113 IMG_4104 IMG_4097 IMG_4094 IMG_4085 IMG_4085.6 IMG_4076 IMG_4075 IMG_4043 IMG_4048 IMG_4071 IMG_4072.3 IMG_4072 IMG_4035 IMG_4035.5555 IMG_3678.8 19-07-43.9.88 IMG_3714 IMG_3678.8 19-07-43.9 IMG_4035.5 IMG_3678.8 19-07-43.8.8 IMG_3714.44 IMG_3678 IMG_3699 IMG_3678.8 19-07-43.8

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