Teacher, Entertainment Journalist, Social Media Analyst, Pizza Enthusiast.

Hi there! You probably stumbled upon my humble online presence because I applied for a job and I really really want it and you are the best soon-to-be-boss ever. That means you probably also know a few things about me. It seems unfair though, so let me know in the comments down below what you think and without further delay, here are a few samples of my work, be it writing, filming, editing or hosting in front of a camera.

Christmas Holiday Fair Coverage for Radio Charivari:

charivari – Neumarkter Weihnachtsmarkt

charivari – Romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt am Schloss

charivari – Christkindlmarkt am Neupfarrplatz

Social Media Promos for FWeb Agency:

Finally Friday

Bacon Baguette

Cake Day

As part of video production for Computec:

Take on Mars im Video angespielt

Narco Terror: Spaßiger Koop-Shooter im Hands-On-Video

Better Together Ep.20: GTA 5 Mini-Spiele und Best of Outtakes – Das große Staffel-Finale

Better Together Ep. 16: GTA 5 Map-Check, FIFA, Civilization, Heli-Experiment

Better Together Ep. 9: Prakti in der Pegnitz – Octodad Live im Studio

Better Together Ep. 5: Zombies Gewinnspiel

A cheap blue suit, and old yellow jacket, two lights, duct tape and the right amount of crazy are more than enough to turn yourself into Octodad… the things I do for my job.


As part of Computec Podcasts:

Games Aktuell Podcast 264 – Was uns an The Last of Us begeistert

Written for PC Games:

Saints Row 4 im Hands-On-Test: Aliens lesen Literaturklassiker – Haddaway läuft im Radio

The Last of Us Remastered Komplettlösung: Fundorte aller Artefakte, Firefly-Anhänger, Comics und Upgrades

Tomb Raider Komplettlösung mit Tipps und Fundorten zu verstecken Relikten

Bioshock Infinite Komplettlösung mit Fundorten aller Voxophone, Teleskope und Kinetoskope

Krönender Abschluss: Die besten Enden in Games

Videospielkultur: Wirtschaftsminister Philipp Rösler spricht im Video über Blockbuster-Games aus Deutschland

Written for Games Aktuell:

Tödliche Toaster: Die Top 10 der fetzigsten Gaming-Roboter

Funny Moments: Spiele, die uns mit Jokes überraschen

Schubladen-Alarm: Die furchtbarsten männlichen Klischees in Games

Perspektive ändert alles: Games aus einem anderen Blickwinkel

Damsel in Distress: Die Endlos-Story der holden Maiden

Stilvolle Ladies: Diese Gaming-Babes sind mehr als Eye-Candy

The Art of Games: Videospiele und ihre Kunstepochen

Just Aliens: Die coolsten virtuellen Ausserirdischen

Bleibt in der Schule: Die Top 10 der schlimmsten Jobs in Spielen

Wiederholungen in Endlosschleife: Die härtesten und zähesten Grind Games

Pfeil ins Knie: Die coolsten Bogenschützen in Videogames

One time I managed to break the laws of time to add a couple of extra hours to the day to do some freelance web design for this super talented actress, who may or may not have given me acting lessons. Either way, I designed a simple and effective portfolio page for her, which you should totally check out here.


Written, filmed & edited for Mike’s Workbench:

The Nice Guys – Analyzed: Character, Catharsis, Color

nice guys header

Iron Man – How Tony Stark became Marvel’s Mentor

ironheader Kopie

Significance of Mathilda carrying the plant in Léon

leon header

Why the Hitman Trailers are better than the Films

hitman header

Top 5 Spider-Man Stories to adapt after Spider-Man Homecoming

top 5 spidey header

I accidentally made two wallpapers, in case you like minimalism.

Hitman (1080p HD)

Spider-Man (1080p HD)

Top 5 – Deaths From This Console Generation (English / German)


The Walking Dead – Review (English / German)


Far Cry 3 – Review (English / German)


Respect towards the Medium (English / German)

At this point you’ll probably have a good idea what I’m all about, if I don’t produce or entertain I go mad and since Batman’s rogues gallery already includes a clown, I probably should go and create.

Miami Vice represents a milestone of television to me, so just for fun I decided to remake one of my favorite scenes from the show. This clip has been shot and edited in less than five hours and represents my desire to always test my abilities in a short amount of time. You can check out the original sequence set to Glenn Frey’s You Belong to the City on the season two premiere Prodigal Son.


For this sequence I had to abandon the tripod in favor of a handheld camera. Having calm hands helps, but ultimately I do a lot of pivoting and balancing to achieve steady shots with an average focal length of 50mm.


In my first year of college I was immediately drawn to prove myself, so I became part of Kitaso. We organized film festivals at cinemas surrounding the campus and gave independent film makers a chance to have their movies shown in an actual theatre. At the same time I became a member of Uni TV and had the chance to produce my own sketches.


There was no requirement to produce a student film, but no matter if they are amateurs or professionals – I always want to work – so I borrowed a camera, ordered pizza & beer and got a couple of guys together to produce a Metal Gear Solid inspired fan film.


Being in front of the camera is awesome, but I am just as passionate about sewing costumes, writing, directing, filming, editing, and making sure that the job gets done. Sometimes that also means pretending to be second rate Dr. Emmerich.


Believe it or not, but I always struggled in art class, I never painted or drew as well as others and in my final year of Gymnasium – no, German kids don’t go to school in a gym, it’s high school basically – I had the chance to do something about it, so I turned my teacher into a doll. This truly marked the first time I could get a flawless A by doing something I loved.


Naturally, I have to hide this thing ’cause it was made by a teenager and unless you’re Picasso, you probably don’t want to look at your old stuff either. I’d rather joke around that this doll was the result of a voodoo ceremony or a black sacrament than admit that this was the best I could do at one point.


Nowadays I believe in working hard and smart and there is a lesson in it. If you have skills, do what you can to improve them, if you have shortcomings, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Someone else needs a day to do a realistic drawing from memory and it is truly a sight to behold, but you can take a black and white photograph and use it as a reference, too. Maybe you’ll even get the job done in half the time it would take someone else.

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