You too can be the proud owner of a badass action figure.

Here you’ll find various different satisfied customers expressing their joy. I’m not amazed that something as seemingly minuscule as a toy can make someone happy, I feel the same, but I’m always delighted to know I had a part in it.
Even Adam Jensen, Elias Toufexis himself got to enjoy one of my earliest creations.
>> Really incredible! You even painted it to look like the artwork.. the shading! Great job! I’ve been kickin’ around the idea to do Fierce Deity, but haven’t yet. You might have just inspired me… <<
>> She arrived today!  I can’t stop smiling man, she is absolutely stunning!  I hope that my many emails and requests didn’t make this too much of a frustrating project for you.  It’s still hard to believe I’ve got this in my hands.  You didn’t just make the figure I wanted of my favorite character, you made the figure that I imagined she could be.  Truly you are a genius, the Michelangelo of little plastic toys. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! <<


>> That’s beautiful. She looks great as a whole but I’d be lying to say that I’m not lovin the armor work more than anything. It’s wonderfully intricate and the paint compliments that well.
~phin <<

phineas curmudgeon

>> I can’t say enough good things about this action figure. I simply love it! I have Nightwing displayed with my other Nightwing figures. This ones the holy grail! <<

Steven De La Cruz

>> What manner of sorcery is this?!  You are indeed a wizard of plastic. <<


>> Brilliant, excellent choice for the unmasked head, really nice sculpting all around, and the paints are just incredible with all that depth and shading! <<


>>You have a talent that is just monstrous.<<

Osaki Bilaye-Benibo

>> This is INSANELY good, brother! Love the paint job…love the cowl and cape! I’m digging your style!  <<


>> A really cool variant of a neat variation of a very cool design. Again the craftsmanship is really nice, and the paintjob on this head looks evern better. Don’t know what head that is you’re using but your paints really make it look beautiful. <<


>> Wonderful work!! The cloth clothes and details makes it just outstanding!! <<


>> ONCE AGAIN IN LOVE!!!the detail is great <<


>>This looks great!! Love it! <<


>> I love stepping away from the realm for a few weeks to come back to see work like this, amazing!  <<


>> Fantastic figure very well done, he’s the pride of my display, thank you! <<

Angela Tweedie

>> This figure looks so great, she looks so realistic. <<

Cameron McMitchell

>> Before I saw your customs, I thought that making custom action figures was just modifying other people’s molds. Only when I saw how detailed and beautiful that yours are, how much thought you put into them (Especially the articulation), the great colors and accessories and how well they work was when I realized that some people really can make this into a unique, beautiful, and fun art form. Your last Deadpool figure? The Suicide King’s one? That is SO COOL. The accessories are beautifully done and it seems fairly durable. The paint looks professional. The display base works great. It looks like Suicide Kings Deadpool. It is perfect. I’m glad you like my comments, sir. I mean every word. Maybe in a while I can pay a fair amount for your artwork. Until then, I don’t want to put the price down to something less than your awesome customs are worth.<<


>> Man your figures are just way too crisp and perfect looking! Thanks for inspiring me to push myself harder, your ncr ranger set the bar so high. Love every little detail in this figure, everything looks just like the game but better, like those high resolution mods on the computer. <<


One thought on “You too can be the proud owner of a badass action figure.”

  1. The wait is hopefully we’ll worth it! Mike is an amazing guy and fantastic to work with. Unfortunately so much time waiting is causing me to chomp at the bit. Hope to see Mania soon

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