Mike’s Workbench, turning custom action figures into art since 2007

Collecting toys becomes truly special once you own a custom action figure. Mike’s Workbench has been turning all types of figures into pieces of art ever since 2007. It all began with painting table top miniatures and after taking apart some Marvel Legends, it was only a question of time when the first 1/6 scale head would be painted.

Learn how to sculpt and paint awesome toys yourself.
Over 100 unique custom action figures from movies, television, gaming & comics.

Go to the Gallery to bring up pictures. There is an Etsy shop, if you feel like sending green energy towards the workbench. On Youtube you will find video tutorials to learn how to sculpt and paint your own customs. Check out some of the latest videos and sound off in the comments to pitch in your own ideas. Connect with Mike on Twitter and follow the workbench on Instagram. If you like Mike’s Workbench on Facebook, you’ll be updated with work in progress pictures and behind the scenes tips. Sometimes Mike even writes about toy news and highlight his favourite customs from the online community.

Now available on Etsy, custom action figures, toys, dolls, and head sculpts.
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This website is mainly dedicated to one thing, showing the art and craftsmanship behind something as simple as a toy. Mike’s Workbench is home to some of the greatest customs you will ever find online. The articulation of a poseable doll often allows for not one, but many iconic poses. Comics capture the dynamic stance of our favourite superheroes and recreating them in toy and statue form is where the fun comes in. From Marvel to DC, Image to Dark Horse, Mattel to Hasbro, or Medicom to Hot Toys, custom figures and dolls from every scale and height have left Mike’s Workbench.

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Click on the work samples to see a list of many more written contributions by Mike and some of the articles and videos produced, from close readings of literature and media to tutorials on how to sculpt and paint with acrylics and pastels. If you don’t find what you are looking for in Mike’s Etsy Shop, you can always ask for a commission of a high quality custom figure.


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